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Do More With WhatsApp Messages

[ Author: - March 02, 2020 ]

We see more and more businesses using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. The question is how we can make our text message more attractive.
Yes, we can add an image and voice, but we want to explore more possibilities to send out our deals, offers and coupons without making a new image every time.
A message that people can copy past if needed. A Message that stands out in the flow of all messages.

This article will explain to you in detail how to make a message do the following:

How to write bold in WhatsApp Messages

The Solution

Bold: Put an asterisk * before and after the word or phrase you like to see in bold.
Ex. *Deal of the Day*

Italic: Put an underscore _ before and after the word or phrase you like to see in italic.
Ex. _TopShop_

Strikethrough: Put an tilde ~ before and after the word or phrase you like to see strikethrough
Ex. ~no more expensive delivery costs~


Don't add a space after the start symbol, * _ ~ and not before the ending symbol.
Ex. * Deal of The Day * will not work, you need to remove the space after the first * and the one before the last *
Correct: *Deal of the Day*


I'm sure your mind is started creating super cool messages that bring something fresh into your communication with your customers.

Try it out today and send us a WhatsApp Message (click the link) or leave a screenshot in the comments.

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