Business Owners

Some Facts

  • Around 80% of shoppers are influenced by price (Forbes)
  • 54% of shoppers only buy when they find a deal, coupon or discount (RetailMeNot)
  • 80% of shoppers have used a discount code or coupon in the last 12 months
  • 50% of shoppers get their discount codes via email

Why Deals.Today?

Whether you are looking to attract new clients, promote new services/products or drive in-store visits, Deals.Today has the best and most profitable solution for your business.

We work with the smallest local businesses, up to the most prominent international brands. Everyone who takes his/her business serious is welcome.

Savvy shoppers always find bargains.

How Deals.Today Works?

When you submit your ad, your ad will be available on the the site, as well acessible inside Messenger Apps like FB Messenger, Telegram, LINE and inside collaboration platforms like Slack.

Our visitors will see your ad and click through to visit your own website or marketplace storefront, book online or call you where they will use your offer.

Deals.Today don't ask for a minimum reduction to offer, and neither do we take a commission! We simply focus on putting your offer in front of future customers