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How Do Offers Attract Customers
(based on a survey)

[ Author: - February 20, 2020 ]

A new study by RetailMeNot shows deals and promotions do affect every part of the shopping experience. From the start until the payment, shoppers are looking for the best value.

When we see the record-breaking sales from Amazon and Alibaba, it illustrates the importance of eCommerce. At the same time, more and more local businesses facing troubled times due to competition from the eCommerce giants.

The study shows that deals have a substantial impact on the shopper decision to buy or not to buy from your shop/brand. From our own experience, we see shoppers made a purchase they didn't plan upfront because they found a coupon or great deal.

Some other impressive numbers from the survey, which corresponds with our research:

Understanding those impressive insights, how can your local business or online shop take advantage of it? How to use the power of deals and offers to grow your business?

Because people prefer buying items on sale, they prefer to feel as they have smartly spent their money in a smart way, discounts serve as a ploy to attract more people to your store or online shop.

As online & offline competition is getting more tougher every day, business owners need to push aggressively and smartly their promotions.

4 Effective ways to use deals

  1. New Customer Offer
    Because 80% of the shoppers feel encouraged to make a first-time purchase when they receive an offer, place one on your website "For New Customers Only" or use them in your Ads.

  2. Website Menu
    We see this way to offen not happening, make sure you always have a section "Deals & Offers" on your webpages. Please place a link in your menu where the shopper has easy access to them.

  3. Google My Business
    Add your offer on your Google My Business profile. It allows your offers to appear in Google Search and Maps. It's Free!

  4. Deal Platforms
    Place your offers on deal-platforms, like Deals.Today. All the three previous points are must do, but you expect shoppers to know your brand or shop in the first place, you expect Google algorithm will show you on page 1. A platform like Deals-Today is a great place for millions of shoppers to start their shopping experience. See it as the Amazon of Deals, with the main difference Deals-Today doesn't take a sales commission.

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