5+1 Effective Ways To Promote
Your Deals, Offers and Coupons

[ Author: - February 20, 2020 ]

Promoting your deals, offers and coupons is a great way for your business/brand to push potential clients to buy your product or service.
When done well, it is a short-term sales booster and will lead to great reviews and returning clients.
When finished reading, you can start using for free (or very cost-effective) them instantly.

  1. Your Website

    The first and most logic place to promote your deals & offers is your website. Because your key existing clients are the most likely to buy using your new offer
    Make sure a link is visible inside your main menu!

  2. Your Blog

    Not every business/brand has a blog, but when you do and if it's relevant, add your deals & offers to your articles. Because you have proven your expertise in the article, future clients have an opportunity (and are more likely to do so) your products or services.
    You can place your offers in the menu, in the sidebar, signature or the footer.

  3. Facebook Business Page

    With more than 2 Billion active users, Facebook is still the #1 platform online. The first thing people see when they are on your business page is your cover picture. Use your Facebook Cover Image to promote your new deal.
    Also, create an offer on Facebook, it's free, it will be placed under your Offers Tab, and it is shareable!
    Tip: Don't forget to add a description to your cover image & a clickable link.

  4. Email signature

    Sending emails looks boring, but we bet you send out many every day. Add a new link in your signature, guiding the recipient directly to your latest offers or your offer page. Why miss this opportunity?

  5. Google My Business

    Google My Business is a free tool that helps small businesses create and manage their Google listings, which appear when customers find businesses on Google Search and Maps
    You can add, what did you expect, posts and offers. Whenever your business/brand is shown on Google Search and Google Maps, people can see your offers.

  6. Deals.Today

    Deals.Today gives extra visibility to your deals & offers by bringing them in front of the right (new) clients.
    Future clients can discover deals, offers and coupons by categories, products & services, finding out of your business/brands without even knowing you.
    The service costs as less as $0.99/month.

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