Support a (local) business

We need to implement the restrictions like social distancing, cancelling sport events to mitigate the virus, but the impact on local businesses is serious.
The drop in foot traffic and a reluctance to go out will leave shops and restaurants empty.
Some governments will come with financial help, and individuals like you + communities like us can help as well to reduce the impact during and after the Corona Crisis

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You can buy a gift card from your favourite shop or when you buy online you can buy local online. Another way to truly support them is to offer a business account from Deals.Today

The best way the business can promote their in-store and online deals, for the next 2 years. Yes! When you offer 1 year, we add for free 1 year extra.

Support a local business now and help reduce the impact during and after the crisis.

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Offer a business account to a local business