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Questions & Answers (FAQ)
Support a (local) business

What if someone else offered a free business account to my favourite shop?

No worries, we verify, using their website, if yes or no your favourite brand already received a free account.
We don't take double accounts. You can always offer to another local business.
In case we do have a double, we pay back 100%

How do we know the local shop received the free business account?

When the local shop received the free account you offered, they will login. You will also get an email when that happens.
In case we notice your local shop didn't click the link, our team will contact them.
In the worst-case scenario, when the local shop is permanently closed or for some strange reason doesn't want your offer, we pay back 100%, or you can decide to offer the business account to another local business.

Do I get a proof of payment?

Yes, shortly after the payment is successful, you will get a confirmation of the payment with a unique number, in case you need to talk to our helpdesk team

Which countries are you supporting?

We support any country in the world. The biggest countries available on our platform or US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany
If you are not sure our patform is available of will offer advantge to the business, don't hesitate to contact us.

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